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last item on page sorted greater than parent entry

18787991-55b4-4db1-8ccf-532d3b9896d0May 18 2020 — edited May 18 2020

I am getting Berkeley database corruption after of hundreds write-read cycles. db_verify return this message:

db_verify: BDB1094 Page 221: last item on page sorted greater than parent entry

db_verify: messages.db: BDB0090 DB_VERIFY_BAD: Database verification failed

BDB5105 Verification of messages.db failed.

I always write the same size of data (512 bytes), with put-get functions using cursor.

Later of hundreds of cycles, I am getting invalid pages. db_dump show me this message:


page 219: invalid: LSN [0][1]: level 0

prev:    0 next:  218 entries:    0 offset: 8192


for hundreds pages. I am working with aarch64 arquitecture, aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc compiler, DB_BTREE type and db berkeley version 18.1.32

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Added on May 18 2020