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Lag between the production database and the standby database

JphilveJun 8 2020 — edited Jun 8 2020

Hello Experts,

We have a two-node RAC in production and a two_node RAC as standby. The nodes of our production RAC are PROD1 and PROD2, and the nodes of our two-node Standby RAC are STD1 and STD2. Our two-node standby RAC was in sync with the two-node production RAC. But since this morning, there is a lag between the production RAC and the standby RAC. We also noticed since this morning that the password of oracle account on PROD2 is no longer valid. I would want to know if the problem with the oracle account on the node PROD2 could explain the lag between theĀ  production database and the standby database.


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Added on Jun 8 2020