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Keycloak SSO issue in oracle apex

user-na0c6Aug 24 2023

Im using Keycloak SSO in oracle apex, while running the application its redirect to keycloak login page, and after successful login it redirects to the oracle apex login page with following error, it seems session invalid problem on the sso success redirection, ORA-12541: TNS:no listener. and url look like below, it doesnt contain any state, session, token information it seems.[myworkspace]/[app-name]/login?notification_msg=T1JBLTEyNTQxOiBUTlM6bm8gbGlzdGVuZXI%2FyUzGEBRYuBB_wByGmefBm5khvo1XvBdMaOBg8eyJbu43sVMU37hN_dRrYz1mxInkJ5jqO75S3cxG1R_AmllgtQ

But I dont know where exactly the problem, is it a problem in keycloak configuration or oracle apex authentication scheme problem?.

Im just followed below url for reference achive the same.

Kindly help me some one and save my rest of days .

Thanks in advance for your help

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Added on Aug 24 2023
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