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Key Capture in Oracle Forms 10g

M Usman YounasNov 15 2023


I have the below requirement in the Oracle Forms (10g).

Database: 11g

Developer suite: 10g

The aim is to provide users with a straightforward means of navigating to their target field with a single key press.

I'm currently working on an Oracle Forms 10g project and seeking assistance with implementing key capture during runtime. Specifically, I want to move the cursor to a designated field (e.g., 'UPDATE') when the user presses a particular key (let's say 'U').

I've explored the option of using the WHEN-KEY-PRESSED trigger at the form level or using the keyboard-status or something like that, but it seems that this trigger may not be available in Oracle Forms 10g, or at least I haven't been successful in implementing it.

If anyone has experience with achieving key capture in Oracle Forms 10g or can suggest alternative triggers or methods, I would greatly appreciate your insights.

Thank you for your expertise and assistance!
Muhammad Usman Younas

This post has been answered by Michael Ferrante-Oracle on Nov 16 2023
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Added on Nov 15 2023