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Kafka Handler

User_FR572Nov 22 2022

I am struggling to find support for formatting/serializing my message key as JSON. This seems like such an oversight. The value payload is configurable as JSON but the key is not. While the template keyword ${primaryKeys} is interesting, it does me no good downstream. Neither does emitting primary keys as an array of property names. I require my key and value to be legitimate JSON.
I do see ${custom[]} template keyword discussed, with a note stating "It is possible to write a custom value resolver. If required, contact Oracle Support." I would prefer not to write one for something so common. Surely many others have inquired already. For example, Debezium does this -- it is an industry norm feature.
Can someone provide guidance? I am trying to avoid having to introduce Apache Kafka and/or Confluent Transforms further downstream to deal with problematic underscore-delimited keys that obviously fail JSON deserialization.
Thanks in advance!

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Added on Nov 22 2022
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