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JTable - animation

AykutMar 26 2015 — edited Apr 3 2015

Hi all,

I have a JTable with 6 rows and 6 colums, i.e. 36 cells.

I have 1 image-icons..

I want an animation of the image, it should just be shown in the JTable as described below.

In my following explananation: Cell[row;column]

State 1

Cell[0;0] = 1st image

Cell[remain] = empty


State 2

Cell[0;0] = empty

Cell[0;1] = 1st image

Cell[remain] = empty


State 3

Cell[0;0] = empty

Cell[0;1] = empty

Cell[0;2] = 1st image

Cell[remain] = empty


and so on,

Once the image hits last column, it jumps 2n row 1st cell so the animation is like a snake move of the image.

I currently got stuckĀ  loading the image 1 after another, so "transition from state_iĀ  to state_i+1"

I got confused using Thread.

How can I have pause between those states (I described above).

I use the Threads somehow wrong.

Any example loading images in Cells (JTable) with pause in between?

Thanks Aykut

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