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JSF Technology stack in 2023?

user-kmmhqFeb 22 2023

I'm looking to build a JSF website in 2023 and, having tried many samples unsuccessfully (typically experiencing classpath exceptions and/or older releases), I've realized that this technology is impacted by recent(ish) changes to Java (decoupling much of the EE classes) as well as Jakarta taking control of JSF. Given JSF seems out of favor, it is hard to find any current projects using the latest releases of Java, JSF, and other required JARs. My question, then, is whether someone can list all the required pieces (app server, Faces implementation, and any other required JARs) that will work with Java 19.

I prefer the solution use the most current release of the various technologies.

The app server only needs to handle Faces - the other EE features aren't needed.

All the pieces should work with Java 19 (and later).

I don't care what implementation of Faces is used (Jakarta, MyFaces, whatever else is out there)

A bonus would be a link to a GIT project or URL showing a hello world example of said technology stack.

An additional bonus would be the inclusion of PrimeFaces.

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Added on Feb 22 2023