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JRockit won't silent uninstall using -mode=silent

402499Jun 21 2012
i've tried to uninstall JRockit 1.6.0_24-R28 using the -mode=silent in a command window and it keeps prompting me with a window saying "Do you want to uninstall Oracle JRockit JDK R28.1.3 for Java SE 6 with JRMC 4.0.1 installed at D:\Oracle\Java\jrockit-jdk1.6.0_24-R28.1.3?" OK and Cancel are my options.

Since I am trying to do this in a batch file, having a window appear is not going to work. I've also tried to echo Y | uninstall.exe-mode=silent but this also does not work.

My only other option is to manual delete the files and registry entries.

Any suggestions? Is there a list of what registry items I ned to delete?

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Added on Jun 21 2012