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Jrockit Mission Control ---Allocations

user13135626Jul 26 2012
Hi All,

I need to know answers to this question as soon as possible . Because we are tuning one of the Production issue and Customer asked me to get this answer as soon as possible.
We are using the Jrockit R28 and Mission Control of same . We are going to tuning the TLA size of the Jrockit .So we need to know exactly these things :-

We are analyzing a Flight Recording of the Server and we want to know following things :-

1.) What is Allocation by Size Table Interprets and what are its values :-

Open Flight Recording in Jrockit--->Memory---->Allocation------->Allocation by Size

What is significance of this table which is in Allocation by Size :-

Size Sample Count Allocation Pressure

2.) In the Allocation (General) how can I see following values or anywhere in allocation Tab I can see these values :-

Open Flight Recording in Jrockit--->Memory---->Allocation------->Thread Local Area(TLA)

Size of Largest object allocated

Average size of Large Objects

Ratio of bytes for large/small objects

I know this values we can see in R27 Jrockit Allocation tab . But how can I see these values in JrockitR28.

Sahil Soni
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Added on Jul 26 2012