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JRE 8u361 & 8u371 failed to install (1603) with Jinitiator & present

user-2j1brJun 21 2023


We still using JInitiator & on our PCs for specific applications (not any more supported).

We upgrade Java JRE up to 8u351 without any problem.

Since builds 8u361 and 8u371, we can't install it anymore (error 1603).

  • Classic 1603 fix or workaround produce not effect.
  • Same error by uninstalling JInitiator

The only thing that works is fresh windows install without JInitiator. In this case, we can install 8u351 > 8u361 > 8u371.

We noticed that offline version sizes are very different between 8u351 and 8u361+

  • jre-8u351-windows-x64 : 88 599 176 bytes
  • jre-8u361-windows-x64 : 65 129 096 bytes
  • jre-8u371-windows-x64 : 65 661 076 bytes

Is anyone have an idea about this problem ?

Thanks for reading.

This post has been answered by user-2j1br on Jul 4 2023
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Added on Jun 21 2023