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JPA error in java stored procedure with Oracle 19

User_751MBNov 18 2021

We've been using JPA in java stored procedures (using loadjava) for a long time now. The code works in Oracle 12.1 and 12.2 DBs, it works when it's tested in the IDE. In Oracle 19 however we're getting errors whenever the EntityManager tries to access an entity class. The errors are
Unknown entity bean class: class <classname>, please verify that this class has been marked with the @Entity annotation.
An exception occurred while creating a query in EntityManager:
Exception Description: Error compiling the query [SELECT f FROM LpsDllparamfile f WHERE f.dllId = ?1]. Unknown entity type [LpsDllparamfile].
It seems, that the entity classes can't be found at runtime. Checking sys.all_objects, the classes are there and they're valid. I would be grateful for any hints about what could cause this problem and how to solve it.

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Added on Nov 18 2021