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jmee-8.3-raspberrypi-linux sdk

3345501Nov 11 2016 — edited Nov 11 2016

I have unziped the file which seems to be the sdk for embedded systems. The bin-directory contains some script files. For instance I ran this script to test the installation. Hence it doesen't work. It hangs with:

Java is starting. Press Ctrl-C to exit

detect_fb_type: unknown device type

[ERROR] [FILE] iso=-1:javacall_file_sizeof() Problem getting information

[ERROR] [FILE] iso=-1:javacall_file_sizeof() Problem getting information

On Looking inside the script there is a line:

./ -1 com.sun.midp.appmanager.AmsLauncher -wdogenable $additional_flags;


what kind of error may this be: detect_fb_type: unknown device type ?

Where com.sun.midp.appmanager.AmsLauncher should be, in which jar?

why this jar or class, or what ever it is, is missing within the jdk!

why there ist no useful information on the internet w.r.t. this issue?

what mus be installed aditionally and where to get it?

why the script references a kind of internal package like com.sun.midp?

within which jar the AMSLauncher for raspberrypi 3 B can be found, and how it should be referenced?

Thanks for a quick answer, as the script hangs, I do also as there is no way to get out of the hanger!

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