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JMC 6 vs JMC 5.5 less functionalities?

3565635Dec 21 2017 — edited Dec 21 2017

Working for an editor, we make intensive use of JFR & JMC. We enforce also some of our big customers to have the required licenses for production usage. So far so good.

Used to JMC 5.5, I just tried this morning JMC 6 from JDK 9.0.1 to dig into a client JFR. I just cannot find my way in JMC 6, so my question will be simple: is the feature set in JMC 6 equivalent to the one in 5.5?

I cannot find a way to view some of my favorites panes: the events graph, the threads contentions & lock instances, plus all the others rich features that were in JMC 5.5.

Am I blind or has the tool be cleaned up of all the interesting features before going open source?


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