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JET oj-input-date-time timezones issue

Hi all,

I have create/edit dialog and I'm following cookbook example

But there is a following issue. The edited item have date in some timezone and I'm loading the timezones from v$timezone_names. They are many with many variants.
When I try to change the timezone for some timezones from v$timezone_names there is an error message "Invalid timezone id <timezonename> provided" i.e. not supported by oj-input-date-time.
I have searched the docs and I've found out about module 'ojs/ojtimezoneutils' which have getAvailableTimeZones(). It returns 201 timezones obviously supported by oj-input-date-time.

So the recap is
1. Using data from v$timezone_names, 2341 items - some timezones are not supported by oj-input-date-time
2. Using data from ojs/ojtimezoneutils getAvailableTimeZones(), 201 items - some timezones does not exists

Since the bigger picture is that all is part of create/edit dialog, the question is what if edited element contains date in timezone NOT supported by oj-input-date-time? For instance 'Africa/Accra'. Is there a way to 'extend' acceptable timezones?


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Added on Apr 21 2022