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JET - Does not Render full Page

Paramveer SinghAug 24 2023

Hey there,

I am trying to use the CookBook as a template and copying and pasting the Body Tags onto my HTML file. When doing so it does not render the full page as shown in the CookBook. My <scripts> tags in the <head> are similar to the E1 Jet Examples HTML since I plan on using JET on JDE

Please see screenshots to get a better understanding of what I am saying. There is no company info here, this is all Data from the Cookbook.

I've tried manipulating the <div> tags as well as the CSS file and it does not seem to change anything. This is also occurring on some other Gannt Charts, and some other Visualization I've tried comes up strange. Screenshots of those will show you what I mean. There is nothing else in the <Body> tag besides what is in the CookBook.



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Added on Aug 24 2023