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JET chart series 2 link not working


I am using ApEx I have a scatter chart with several series. For the first series, I selected the "redirect to page in this application" in the Link properties section and then edited the Target options to redirect to a target page and assign a target page item with the value of an item on my source page. It's all good. When I run the app and click a data point in the chart, it does exactly what I want.

Now I do the exact same thing with the second series and it does not work at all. Clicking a data point does nothing.

Same result for series 3.

Note that the query that defines the region is this:

select null as link, press_alt as label, dtd * -1 X_VALUE, press_alt Y_VALUE from traj_points where run_id = :P2_RUN_ID_BASE and dtd between 0 and 250 order by point

What is the purpose of the link field in the region query?

Thank you.


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