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JDeveloper - ViewObject - Create a new rowSet with different settings for a table's viewObject

Daniela VintuMar 27 2024

Hi, there

I want to loop through the rows in a table (for export in a specific format) - but don't want to use the viewObject's rowSet that is created for the table - I want to create a new RowSet and set accessMode forwardOnly (to prevent performance issues due to caching the records - as the view could have 10.000 + records)

I tried creating a new RowSet for the viewObject, but get the following exception: Cannot change the access mode for the row set … because either the VO has more than one RS or the RS has more than one iterator

I tried to create a new viewObject from the original view Object createViewObject(name, voOrig.getDefFullName()), and then apply the viewCriterias and namedWhereClauseParams from the original view, but i'm missing the where clause and params for the link clause for the master of my original view (MyEntityEO.ID_MASTER = :Bind_IdMaster) - and feel that I'm missing something, because it should be much simpler than that to obtain a rowSet with different settings


Any suggestions are much appreciated,

Thank you

This post has been answered by Timo Hahn on Mar 30 2024
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Added on Mar 27 2024