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JDeveloper library path referencing project root

User735763-OracleMay 31 2016 — edited May 31 2016

Hi, I am new to JDeveloper, and I am looking for a way to reference a jar file relative to project's root. For example: the jar is located at /projectRoot/suite1/package/thirdParty, and a project is is in /projectRoot/suite1/projectA. When I use /projectRoot/suite1/package/thirdParty/a.jar in the jpr file in /projectRoot/suite1/projectA/projectA.jpr, the compiling fail.

Using relative path in "../package/thirdParty/a.jar" /projectRoot/suite1/projectA/projectA.jpr works. However, we have internal control that flags ../ path as warning.

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Locked on Jun 28 2016
Added on May 31 2016