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Jdeveloper 11g : PL/SQL JAX-RPC Web Service Deployment on Oracle Http Server

Mohan BhargavSep 12 2014 — edited Sep 12 2014

    I am creating a JAX-RPC Web Service out of PL/SQL packages using the Jdeveloper 11g wizard. I  am able to deploy this on Weblogic 10.3 , by creating a deployment profile (with Weblogic  as my deployment platform) , then creating an EAR out of the profile.

    If i want to deploy this web service on a different  server , I will have to switch the deployment platform in the profile from Weblogic to something else. I see Jdeveloper supports Jboss , Glassfish , Tomcat , WebSphere and WebLogic etc.

    I want to deploy this service on a stand alone installation of Oracle HTTP Server. I have never used this product before.

    How do i create a "deployment profile / or a EAR  package" specifically for Oracle Http Server ? I also don't see Jdeveloper directly supporting this platform.

   I do see an option to create EAR for standalone OC4J 10g. As far as i know OC4J  provides a server environment that runs applications that are built using the J2EE specifications. According to my understanding OC4J  can be used as a plugin to OHS. Is my understanding right ?  If so can this option be explored to deploy the web service on OHS ?

    Appreciate your comments / suggestions !!!

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