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[Jdev 12C] Groovy expression is not working in SQL query defined in View link accessor( child VO)

User_XGAL8Jun 26 2022 — edited Jun 26 2022

Hi ,
I have two VO's . Let's suppose ParentVO and ChildVO and I created a view link accessor using them.
In Child VO query , only current logged In user results should be returned.. so In query where clause I have added a condition -
where USERNAME=:loggedInUser
and loggedInUser = adf.context.securityContext.getUserName() -- Groovy expression.
but this is not working . API is not giving any results .
Note -
If I pass , any literal value instead of groovy , it works.
If I use ChildVO(like Parent/Main VO) directly (not as child of any VO) . this is working (just for testing purpose I did)

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Added on Jun 26 2022