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Jdev : Another EJB has already bound an interface to that name

MapastorgAug 14 2021 — edited Aug 16 2021

An ADF Application was deployed as EAR to expose Model as a WebService. Now, we need to reuse same code to another ADF application as ADF Library.
Deploying the application that uses the ADF Library is failing. The error is:
Unable to bind Business Interface to the JNDI name <jndi name> [EJB:011224] Unable to bind the interface <interface name>" Another EJB has already bound an interface to that name.
I understand the ADF Library is letting the EJB (from the Business Component Service Interface) be deployed again with same name.
Question: How can we create deployment profiles to have ADF application as a Business Component Service Interface and as a ADF Library, and not having this deployment issue?
We tried packaging many ways, but only the ADF Library can expose the Application Module Data Control. I can manually remove, from ADF Library JAR, all files related to the EJB, and it works. But, this approach is not good as all the time we need to do the same thing.
I hope someone can help.

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