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JDev - issues with imported Business Components

525801Sep 2 2008

I have got some issues with importing Business Components in JDev
I cannot discover/use the imported components.

What I did is the folowing:

1. In a existing project I extended the default base-classes to create our own layer
2. created a project called ModelShared
2a. configured the project to use the base-classes I created in step 1
2b. created an entitybased-viewobject (RefCodesByDomain)
2c. created bc deployment-descriptors
3. created a project called RelatieModel in the same workspace as ModelShared
3a. added dependencies to the deployment-descriptors as well as the project created in step 2
3b. configured the project to use the base-classes I created in step 1
3c. imported business components

Although I did not recieve any errors during the import of business components, I am unable to add the vo (RefCodesByDomain) to a service.
I do see the package which contains the vo but is has no entries.

Importing the business components to a new BC Project in a seperate workspace did succeed (I could reuse the vo).

I tested a little further and the folowing occurred:
4. I created a new vo in the ModelShared Project
5. I deployed the ModelShared
6. Restarted JDeveloper
7. Got the folowing error message in the console window when expanding a service in my datacontrol pallette:
INFO: oracle.adf.share.config.ADFConfigFactory No META-INF/adf-config.xml found
1-sep-2008 13:23:27 oracle.adf.dt.controls.DataControlsTreeWillExpandListener treeWillExpand
        at oracle.adf.dt.objects.JUDTViewReferenceAccessorDefinition.init(
        at oracle.adf.dt.objects.JUDTViewReferenceAccessorDefinition.<init>(
        at oracle.adfdt.internal.meta.bc4j.BC4JDataControlDefinition.createViewObjectDefinition(
        at oracle.adfdt.internal.meta.bc4j.BC4JDataControlDefinition.addViewObjects(
        at oracle.adfdt.internal.meta.bc4j.BC4JDataControlDefinition.loadStructure(
        at oracle.adfdt.internal.meta.bc4j.BC4JDataControlDefinition.getStructure(
        at oracle.adf.dt.controls.treemodel.jsr227.JSR227DataControlTreeNode.loadChildNodes(
8. In my other "fresh" bc project I was able to use the newly created vo.
9. When I added a VO to my shared project, all projects that are refering to the shared project loose their vo's in the data-controlpannel

Do you have any suggestions?


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