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JCS Instance Creation DB Connection Error

user624453Oct 29 2017 — edited Nov 6 2017

While creating JCS service, I have givenĀ  DB user as SYSTEM and password for DB connections and getting below error. The same credentials used to connect from SQL developer is working fine. Please let us know how to resolve the same. username and password entered are correct and i cross checked twice.

JCS-ERR-20027: Cannot establish connection using connect string 'DBCS-POC-Amar-Instance1:1521/PDB1Amar.586737978.oraclecloud.internal' and userName 'SYSTEM as sysdba'. Reason: 'ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied

After 2 atempts JCS creation service is terminated.



This post has been answered by Vikash Mishra-Oracle on Oct 29 2017
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