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JC 3.0.4 Signature.getInstance() 3-parameter modes

Matti AarnioNov 10 2017 — edited Apr 10 2018

The JC 3.0.4 API defines new getInstance() form for Signature, Cipher and few others.

I would like to use this Signature.getInstance(byte,byte,byte,boolean) to instantiate this kind of combination:

Signature.getInstance(MessageDigest.ALG_SHA_256, Signature.SIG_CIPHER_RSA, Cipher.PAD_PKCS1, false);

Signature.getInstance(MessageDigest.ALG_NULL, Signature.SIG_CIPHER_RSA, Cipher.PAD_PKCS1, false);

then using  sig.signPreComputedHash(...)  method to do signing.

The first form works, but puts ASN.1 DER wrapper with OID of SHA-256 around the supplied data.

I would like to use the second form supplying pre-wrapped data on a material using one of myriad digest algorithms that Java Card does not support.

Essentially I want to do with Signature API what I can do with Cipher API:

Cipher c = Cipher.getInstance(Cipger.ALG_RSA_PKCS1, false);

c.init(keyPair.getPrivate(), Cipher.MODE_ENCRYPT);

short len = c.doFinal(buffer, offset, length,  buffer, offset);

The public specifications (JC 3.0.4/3.0.5) are not telling what parameter combinations should be supported in this Signature mode.

Can anybody identify which public document describes these modes in JC 3.0.4 ?

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