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JAXP lookup process

ecfa5a98-deac-4629-9cf9-7432e86e96abMay 20 2015 — edited May 20 2015

We have an older JWS application and we include some older jwsdp jars.  One of them includes a xerces implementation.

In Java 7, when JAXP was going through the lookup process, it would find

jwsdp_xercesImpl.jar!/META-INF/services/javax.xml.validation.SchemaFactory, but would get a class not found exception on

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: http\://

However, after that, we saw messages that it was attempting to use the platform default XML Schema Validator.

In Java 8, however, we see a

javax.xml.validation.SchemaFactoryConfigurationError: Provider for class javax.xml.validation.SchemaFactory cannot be created

Caused by: java.util.ServiceConfigurationError: javax.xml.validation.SchemaFactory: jar:jwsdp_xercesImpl.jar!/META-INF/services/javax.xml.validation.SchemaFactory:1: Illegal provider-class name: http\://

Then it just fails -- i.e. it doesn't attempt to use the platform default XML Schema Validator.

My question is, is there a system property or jvm arg that we could set so that JAXP would fall back to trying the platform default XML schema validator in this case?



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Added on May 20 2015