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Java EE (Java Enterprise Edition) General Discussion


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Javascript and WebContent miss out in Java dynamic web project

User_J4V2VSep 7 2022

sorry, I’m quite a beginner to Java coding, there’s a problem I encounter, could somebody more skilled at Java help me out, thanks a lot
I download the Eclipse EE to build a dynamic web project hoping that I could start a simple website via java code
my path follow as thus: click “File” in the top bar and then “New” then choose “Dynamic Web Project” and set the name randomly such as Project 1, there shows on the left side of the Project Explorer two tags (1) the Server and (2) Project 1, its I click (2) down below to expand the branch shows the items as: (1) Deployment Descriptor (2) JAX-WS Web Services (3) Java Resources (4) build (5) src
however, I refer to lots of youtube videos teaching people how to build up a dynamic web project, I found out that my Project 1 miss out two important items “JavaScript Resources” and “Web Content”, I’m quite unsure whether this also attribute to the problem that made my project always stop running in the end, its that everytime I press the “run” button on the top bar there always spring out a box says: “Starting TOMCAT v10.0 Server at localhost… has encountered a problem……The server cannot be started because one or more of the ports are invalid. Open the server editor and correct the invalid ports”, by the way all my steps in building up the web projects follow the instructions on the website “” and there’s no any other issue to all the other steps in that I could do it 100% same to what the instruction tells me to do

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Added on Sep 7 2022