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Javadoc: including external HTML file that's rendered

605972cf-bada-492c-b1f2-ae4f313b7486Jun 12 2018 — edited Jun 13 2018

I have some long tables that I'd like to link to in the Javadoc, but I don't want them cluttering the main documentation. They are reference only.

I've formatted the tables in an external HTML file. I created a doc-files directory and placed the HTML file there. If I just link to it with an HTML a tag, I just see the HTML code. How can I get the Javadoc compiler to render it?

I know how to include images. I also created an overview.html file and got that to work. But I failed to figure out how to do this. The long tables would be inappropriate in the overview or package descriptions.

I did look at this, which made me think I could do it, but I was unable to figure it out:

I'm creating Javadoc in Eclipse and use ant to compile it. I'm using SE 1.7.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Added on Jun 12 2018