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!!!Java3d Gurus - Rate it!!!

843799Jun 13 2001 — edited Jun 21 2001
Hi! all Java3D gurus!!!
I am looking for your rating for a project developed
by four of us studying Computer Engineering (degree) from
Pune University (India).

Imagine how convenient it will be if we can navigate
and furnish our house before getting it constructed!!!!!
Yes, our project builds a Java3D model of any apartment from
it's 2D AutoCAD drawing. To add on+++ you can furnish this
apartment with any "VRML" model(furniture) provided by any
third-party anywhere on the net.

This is quite convenient than building a 3D model with
some costly modeling tools, paying a lot to the designers
each time - for every new model design. This method is also
time consuming.

Our project is named:
"Virtual Reality Walkthrough for Construction industry"
nick-named as "3Di" i.e. 3D on the Internet.

The working is as follows:
1] Start first module of 3di.
2] Adjust the layer names as per your choice or standards.
3] Select an AutoCad plan (.DXF) of a residential apartment.
4] Let the module construct the 3D model of the apartment
for you "on-the-fly".
5] Place this model on a web server.

6] Now start the client module on any Java3D-enabled PC
connected to this server through internet.
7] You are now ready to navigate and furnish this apartment.
8] Clicking on the "Furniture" button you can navigate through
various third-party VRML objects. (VRML PLUGIN NOT REQUIRED)
9] If the selected furniture model doesn't suit your house you
can very well remove or replace it.
10] Clicking on "Set Color" you can choose a color for your
walls from an color palette.

The project is a result of one year of development and in-depth
survey of various construction and modeling industries. 3di is
developed under the valuable guidance of experienced software
professionals from one of the leading IT-Company.

We are currently working to make 3di - I.E. enabled.

Project has future scope in:
Modeling machine drawings with navigational capabilities.
Cyber malls, e-shopping.
Web entertainment and game development.
(Few enhancements can open an entire new domain of applications)

We are looking forward for your valuable comments and ratings.
Rating standard:
* * * - - 3 stars
* * * * - 4 stars etc.

For more information write to :


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Added on Jun 13 2001