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Java3D and Networking

843799Jul 17 2001 — edited Jul 23 2001
I have two questions:

1) Does any one know or have seen a way to transport Java3D components across a network and have them in the other computers universe. Example a multiplayer environment. i.e. Client Server. Or even a client may act as a server and initiate(host) a game.

2) Also on a single machine is it posible to Serialize any of the VirtualUniverse info for later reloading. Say you save a game and it is then serialized. Later you open that serialized file and "voila" the universe and all of it's branches and locales are back as they were when you save earlier. I have tried on a few like Locale and BranchGroup and I get a NotSerializable Error. Any ideas.
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Added on Jul 17 2001