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Java Uninstaller Tool

3412658Mar 10 2017 — edited Sep 27 2017


I have downloaded the javauninstalltool.exe but I am trying to find the switches so I can package it and run it in a task sequence. I know the latest version will uninstall all previous versions but I have some users with admin rights who have downloaded Java from the website which they shouldn't have done as we deploy it from sccm with updates disabled. I want to remove those and instead install the Java package we have created with updates disabled. We do this because we have business applications with a reliance on Java and they are tested with Java before we deploy it. It seems you can't install the same version over another.

I want the uninstall tool to work with all popups suppressed so it just uninstalls the Java version installed with no user input. Are there such command switches available to do this?

Thanks for your help in advance


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Added on Mar 10 2017