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Java Swing/AWT and FX is so old school! Give me HTML and CSS for GUI!

Roosevelt PSep 24 2013

Dear Java,

I am a seasoned programmer and I feel it's time JAVA implements a GUI system where it uses HTML and CSS for the GUI. For the love of god just look at the interfaces you can make using HTML and CSS alone. I am a big fan of Java Swing and the recent GUI designer for FX is quite cool. But they are just not as simple as HTML and CSS. And JavaFX has some interesting requirements for the graphics.

I know it is possible to use JavaFX and implement the WebView/WebDriver and make it load a HTML page, etc... but why go through all the trouble?

Just imagine... if you make Java where it has powerful back-end to do what it does best and the HTML/CSS powered GUI on the front-end. It will make the lives of many developers much much easier.

I am not sure whether a Swing designed GUI will be faster than a HTML designed GUI... but if you look at a traditional browser and how fast it renders HTML/CSS, I am sure if Java had a native Form where it uses HTML and CSS to render the GUI, Java will make the dreams of many programmers a reality.

Make it happen!!!!

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Added on Sep 24 2013