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Java String indexOf Parsing

2801625Dec 24 2014 — edited Jan 2 2015

In the code below I am splitting the String relativeDN at the "," character. After splitting the String I need to parse the string from the "=" character using indexof

and then rebuild the string. I was able to parse the first = sign then rebuild the string but it doesnt remove the subsequent = character. Im trying to parse the string

using idexof for all the "=" characters and then rebuild it using StringBuilder.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

public class StringTestProgram {

public static void main(String[] args) {

  String relativeDN = "cn=abc,dn=xyz,ou=abc/def";

  //Split String

  String[] stringData = relativeDN.split(",");


  StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();

  CharSequence charAdded = ",";

  // loop thru each element of the array

  for (int place = 0; place < stringData.length; place++) {



  char equals = '=';

  int result;

  result = relativeDN.indexOf(equals);

  String sub = relativeDN.substring(result +1);



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