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Java SE6 > SE7

937196Oct 26 2013 — edited Oct 28 2013

Hello all, I am new here (and in java) and I do hope I can become one fine programmer one day.

Anyways my question is regarding JAVA SE6. I am currently on a course that has been going on for a while (I am halfway through), and I just noticed that they do not allow anyone to sign up to do the Java SE6 course anymore (im wondering if i should of done more research and started SE7 instead of SE6)

Anyways I read on eric romang blog that most people are moving onto SE7 because of the support for SE6 has sort of ended.

My question is, is it essential for me to progress to do SE7 or will I still be OK (and maybe find some work) with SE6?

I'm having trouble enough with getting SE6 to install on my system again as you cant really download it from Oracles site, so that is another reason why I am thinking about SE7.

Looking forward to your resonse,



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