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java licenses

user12267715Jul 3 2015 — edited Jul 3 2015

Hello , it is the first time i use this communication channel and i don´t know if it is the most appropiate to use. There is an information in my company, INDRA, which says that we have to pay licenses if we use java in the products / services we develop.

I am really concerned and surprised about this information.

Communications between humans must be clear because if not there is a lot of noise and bad interpretations  and a lot of people  discussing about nothing.

So, my question is: there is a clear statement from oracle about java licenses fees, so that developers and project teams in general can know in advance under what circunstances their projects have to pay licenses if they are developed using java (that is, the service deployed needs the java run time in order to execute)?

Thanks a lot if someone with oracle authority can clarify this iisue. At least for me, developing in java since it exists, is a great issue

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Added on Jul 3 2015
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