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Java JTextField entry broken on 1.8.0_40 OS X Yosemite 10.10.2

a55647a7-16ce-4060-ad26-2a71d30a657eMar 10 2015 — edited Mar 10 2015

After upgrading to java 1.8.0_40 from java 1.8.0_31 jtextfields are no longer accepting any input.
Environment OS X 10.2.2 java 1.8.0_40 (the current build). iMac 4 GHz Intel Core i7.
I'm using webstart to launch the apps.

To test I created a very simple new project from code downloaded from here: This sample code failed as well. In fact using the Oracle website examples fails to allow text field entry.

You can test from here: you have the same environment.

It does not appear to fail on Windows 7 under Parallels on the same machine, can't say about other environments.

TIA for any suggestions.

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Added on Mar 10 2015