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Java SE (Java Platform, Standard Edition)

Java 8 SYMLINK files not working; gives an "Open With..." dialog box

JeffBarApr 1 2015 — edited May 8 2015

We just upgraded to Java 8 Update 40 and we're having trouble using the new path to the Java executables.

Java.exe, javaw.exe and Javaws.exe are no longer installed in the SysWow64 folder. Instead, SYMLINK files pointing to the files locations in C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_40\bin are installed in C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\javapath, which is also added to the front of the PATH environment variable.

But if we try to use those SYMLINK files, whether in an app shortcut command that opens a .jar file, or by simply double-clicking them, we get an "Open With..." dialog.

But they do seem to work when run within a cmd prompt.

Using the path C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\javapath (or no path at all since that folder is in the PATH variable now) is preferable over the version-specific Program Files path. If we use the Program Files path, we'll have to update any shortcuts that run Java executables every time Java is updated to a new version_update number.

Has anyone else seen this?  Is there a fix?



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