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J3D animation

843799Jul 6 2001 — edited Jul 26 2001
Hi, this is my first time using the forum, but I hope that I can get some much needed help. My problem is that I am trying to have an object fade into view and then have another object run across it using two simple Interpolators, the TransparencyInterpolator and the PathInterpolator. I have the Canvas3D and all the objects created, but the anoimations aren't working. I want to set them so that they begin their action after I press a button. I have the JButton created and have it all set up with the window, but Im having problems with the wakeupOn criteria when I call initialize() on either of the interpolators.
The exact problem I'm having is that when I run it and press the button, I get an IllegalStateException: wakeupOn must be called from initialize or processStimulus.
Any help would be appreciated

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