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J2EE agent does not perform repetitions automatically

Daniel DueñasMar 23 2021

Hello everyone
Today I come to ask for help, I have a Loading Plan to which I put a schedule of each hour with 10 repetition cycles with an interval of 5 minutes between each one.
At the time of running I had some errors in my mappings, which I corrected and generated the scenarios again, after doing that the repetitions were no longer performed so I decided to delete the schedule and the load plan and make a new one, when I updated the Agent to run the Load Plan again, made the first execution but the repetitions no longer, I have restarted the ODI services and I still cannot get it to do the repetitions, have any of you gone through this? What can I do to make it work again? I am using
I appreciate your help in advance

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Added on Mar 23 2021