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Item not populated with link

Christian PitetAug 23 2023 — edited Aug 23 2023


Under APEX 22.2.1, I have a form with a field type Display only which displays the mail adress of a user. For example “”. When I click on the button Create, it submits the page and go to the page 7.

I can see on the url that the items P7_USERID and P7_EMAIL are populated : “http://serv-applis:9090/sivoa/f?p=125:7:::::P7_USERID,,”

This is the link definition, the item P101_USERNAME populated with the value of P7_USERID :

When I submit the page and go to the page 101, I Can see that the url displays this :


But on the session window I can see that the value of P101_USERNAME is null. And nothing is displayed in the field P101_USERNAME.

I don't understand why the item P101_USERNAME is not populated.

Best regards.

This post has been answered by Gabriel Guzman on Aug 28 2023
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Added on Aug 23 2023