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it's urgent --How to implement SSL security on RosettaNet 01.10

Anuj Dwivedi- (Oracle)Nov 24 2008 — edited Nov 24 2008

I just wanted to know that can we implement SSL security on RosettaNet 01.10?
I am asking this question because on B2B interface it is mentioned that if I am choosing RosettaNet 01.10 as exchange protocol then I should not enable the "Is Non-Repudiation of Origin Required" and "Encryption Enabled" options.

Can we still go for SSL security without enabling these options and if we can, then which things would be different while implementing this from enabling SSL security on ebMS protocol?

If there is any link or document(as there is for ebMS) then please mention it here or please mail that to my mail Id at &

It's very urgent as we have to complete it by eod today.

Please help.

Thanks & Regards,
Anuj Dwivedi
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Added on Nov 24 2008