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Issue when accessing Internal Workspace

Joseph QuirkJan 16 2019

Hi all,

Just wondering if anybody had come across this or something similar before?

Ever since we installed Apex on our production environment we have been unable to access the Internal workspace and Administration services.

We're attempting to log-in as the admin account and have made sure the password is correct but every time we make an attempt to log-in it loads for a while then presents us with a 500 Internal Server Error and a debug trace that i've attached to this post.

Strangely this does not occur on our Dev environment which was set-up in the exact same method and as such we have just made do by creating and editing our applications and workspaces on there and exporting them to the Production environment.

We're currently on Apex 18.1 if that's any help.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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Added on Jan 16 2019