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Issue in Discoverer period parameters

3501942Aug 7 2017 — edited Aug 8 2017

We have developed a discoverer Report to fetch the GL period statuses with the parameters Period_From and Period_to and application_name. The Report is working as expected but in one case it is failing. When we give the parameter Period_from as 'ADJ' period and Period_TO as 'ADJ' period it is showing as No data found. The same if we run the query in SQl developer with the same parameters it is retrieving the data.

In Discoverer we have handled the conditions in parameters as per below screenshot.


If suppose we consider in Period_From asĀ  'ADJ-15' and Period_to as 'ADJ-15' then the start date will be 31-dec-15. so if we run the query to find the period status for the start_date(FROM) >=31-Dec-15 and start_date(TO) <=31-Dec-15 it should retrieve the data, but its not retrieving in our case.So, Could anyone please suggest?..

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Locked on Sep 4 2017
Added on Aug 7 2017