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Issue facing in firmware upgradation of 6800 server with Flashupdate command.

adahiyaMay 22 2017 — edited May 23 2017

Hi Team,

we are planning to upgrade the firmware of E6800 server to enable the setchs command but we are facing some issue in flashupdate command.

UNOC1:SC> flashupdate -y -f ftp://root:password@ all rtos

flashupdate: failed, URL does not contain required file: sgsc.flash

The file is correct and path is also correct. I have found one error related to this but didn't get the proper solution from oracle doc.

Note - flashupdate cannot retrieve flash images from a secure (userid/password) protected HTTP URL. A message of the form flashupdate: failed, URL does not contain required file: <file> will be returned, although the file may exist.

But as per Solaris team there is no firewal/security involved between these two server. we are able to ftp/ssh/ping from outside network.

Kindly suggest how can we upgrade the firmware?


Ankit Dahiya

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Added on May 22 2017