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Is there any example of ad_ddl.build_package & ad_ddl.create_package (code snippet) i can refer to

Developing and Deploying Customizations in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 ( Doc ID 1577661.1 ), is relevant regarding Online patching along with deploying customization.

ad_ddl.build_package & ad_ddl.create_package this is part of Dynamic DDL Standards : If the running application creates, replaces, or drops PL/SQL while a patch edition exists, then the same action must be run in the patch edition. This requirement can be satisfied by using AD_DDL

Has anyone use these procedure when deploying a pl/sql package rather than compiling straight on the database?

And if i may, can you help to share the code snippet i can refer to ? as i have 6000+ lines of code to deploy from a package

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Added on May 9 2024