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Is there any activity out there on Java ME?

3345501Nov 22 2016 — edited May 19 2017

Yes, I'm an old man. This is true. But w.r.t. knowledge, I think, I'm stronger than ever. As an electronic engineer, I developed HW, built analog filters and embedded computers. As a SW-engineer, I developed SW for microcontroller steered embedded systems and I developed SW for JEE, up to EE7. I accessed the hardware of unix machines using Java 1.4 through C and Perl-Programs. Having this knowledge, I must ask, why is it so difficult to start with Java-ME? Almost nothing works. eclipse neon is producing error-reports w.r.t. internal error one after the other with a 5 minute cadence. Signing the SW is a real mess, no usable help available. I also tried netbeans. Even worse. JAVA-ME was declared as well as the JDK 8. No help. It didn't compile. @override tags were declared as error, like a simple try to do a logging, or to do a system write to the console. Yes, I was looking for a challenge, using once Java-ME. But I guess it was a big mistake. Doing the same from normal java connecting through c-libraries to the HW is definitively much simpler. I thought Java ME was built to make it simpler. And now the worst of all looking into the forum, nothing is answered. Hence my question in the subject! Does Oracle still have any interest in Java?

I'm sorry for this negative thinking. Normally I'm very positive and used to achieve, what ever I intend to do. But fighting errors done by others, is frustrating and I need a feedback, that at least one person was able to use Java-ME accessing HW and get a result out as expected.

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