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Is the following query possible with SQL Pivot?

odysamApr 24 2014 — edited Apr 24 2014

Let's say I have the following tables:

create table student(

  id number not null,

  name varchar2(80),

  primary key(id)


create table class(

  id number not null,

  subject varchar2(80),

  primary key(id)


create table class_meeting(

  id number not null,

  class_id number not null,

  meeting_sequence number,

  primary key(id),

  foreign key(class_id) references class(id)


create table meeting_attendance(

  id number not null,

  student_id number not null,

  meeting_id number not null,

  present number not null,

  primary key(id),

  foreign key(student_id) references student(id),

  foreign key(meeting_id) references class_meeting(id),

  constraint meeting_attendance_uq unique(student_id, meeting_id),

  constraint present_ck check(present in(0,1))


I want a query for each class, which has a column for the student name, one column for every class_meeting for this class and for every class meeting the cells would show the present attribute, which should be 1 if the student was present at that meeting and 0 if the student was absent in that meeting. Here is a table for reference

NameMeeting 1Meeting 2Meeting 3

Is it possible to make an apex report like that? From googling I figured I must use Pivot, however I'm having a hard time understanding how it could be used here. Here is the query I have so far:

select * from(

  select, m.present

  from student s, meeting_attendance m

  where = m.student_id




  for class_meeting in ( select a.meeting_sequence

                         from class_meeting a, class b

                         where = a.class_id )


However I'm sure it's way off. Is it even possible to do this with one query, or should I use pl sql htp and htf packages to create an html table?

Pretty inexperienced oracle developer here, so any help is very appreciated.

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