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Is OJET treeview multiple nodes selection not extended with shift key?

User_VDLFTJun 20 2022

We are working with v10.0.0 OJET Tree view component(Alta). We noticed a different behavior for multiselection of nodes in treeview using shift key.For multiselection of nodes in the tree, if we select multiple nodes using shift key, it selects all the nodes as expected. But if we want to extend the selection, i.e leave the shift and then select some other node below the last selected node, the selection is not extended, it selects the nodes only from the last selection. But Ctrl+Shft key extends the selection right now. Is this the expected behavior of the JET Treeview component? This can be reproducbile in cookbook as well.This behavior is different from the regular shift key functionality we see in other applications and operating systems. The general behavior is to extend the selection from the first item selected to the latest item selected. Can we acheive the regular shift key functionality for extending the selection in the treeview component?
Cookbook link where we confirmed the behavior:
Adding images from cookbook:
Initial selection of multiple nodes using shift key
Extending the selection using shift key
Extending the selection using Ctrl+Shift keys.
Chandana Parachuru

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Added on Jun 20 2022
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