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Is oem 13.2 able to monitor for hardware faults (memory chips) in a exadata Machine?

KasimirtlwApr 24 2020 — edited Aug 6 2020

I've got a question concerning monitoring capabilities of oem 13.2 vs a  Exadata taget that is configured in said Oem

We recently had one of the memory chips in the exadata fail. But I could not find any trace of this in the oem alerts  or incidents .

when I look at  the exadata target , I don't see any indication it is able to see anything hardware related that is not related to iets dicovered tarets. in other words  the memory chips are not a target he checks

Currently it lists  the exadata cells, Hosts, IB switches, Virtual platforms, ethernet switches and pdu's

so nothing that in my mind, is able to follow up on the health status of dimms in the exadata machine.

Is oem able to monitor this?

If so what needs to be done to accomplish this. Or should he have seen this out of the box?

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Added on Apr 24 2020
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