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Is my configuration correct? PHP and Oracle HTTP server

741847Jun 29 2011 — edited Jul 1 2011
Hi all,

I have a single server running RHEL5 x86-64 and Oracle 11.1. I also have the Oracle HTTP Server which purportedly has "PHP support".

I am trying to do a basic test connect to my database, but I'm getting an error.

My test is the following:
 PHP Test with Oracle<head>
$conn = oci_connect('scott', 'tiger', 'myserver/MYDBSERVICE');

if (!$conn) {
trigger_error("Could not connect to database", E_USER_ERROR);
When I open the page, I see the following:

PHP Test with Oracle

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: oci_connect() in /u01/app/oracle/product/HTTP_Server/ohs/htdocs/phptest/dtest4.php on line 6

I've also tried phpinfo() and get the following:

OCI8 Support enabled
Revision $Revision: apache_modules/mod_php/4.3.9/ext/oci8/oci8.c#0 $
Oracle Version 10.1
Compile-time ORACLE_HOME /ade/svadugur_mjoyphp4311/oracle
Libraries Used no value

Any idea what may be going on? I've looked through much documentation already before posting to no avail.

Thank you for any insight.
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Added on Jun 29 2011
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