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Is it safe to remove jdk/jmods of open-jdk for a sandboxed-with-JDK Eclipse RCP application

User_KU9ZPJul 21 2022


I have a RCP based MacOS application that uses open-jdk 11.0.1 "2018-10-16" to build/run the application.

Currently I am trying to notarize our application. Apple has flagged various issues mainly with the JDK. While I'm attempting to fix all of them, it seems the issues flagged in the jdk/jmods directory can be difficult to resolve. Apple wants us to code sign all binaries (.dylib files) inside the jmod modules.

From what I understand, looking at various articles about JMOD, they don't have much role to play during application runtime? (I could be mistaken here, since my sources are other stackoverflow answers) and they are mainly used to create other custom JRE's using JLink.

Now I have done some testing without the jdk/jmods directory and up till now I didn't encounter any issue. But I'd like to be completely certain.

So, since my application is a sandboxed-with-JDK Eclipse RCP application, is it safe to get rid of the jdk/jmods directory completely? If not, what does it depend on and what would be the ideal litmus tests to determine whether my application is completely safe from jdk/jmods removal.

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Added on Jul 21 2022